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Hebrew Resources for Families

Aleph Bet Memory-Match Card Game:

This game helps with letter recognition. 


This website helps with reading skills development. 'Gamba' means red sweet bell pepper

in Hebrew.  The program is divided into different sections and each section is divided into different levels.

When a student successfully completes a level, the text turns red and automatically takes the student to the next level. 

Students are encouraged to practice reading  using this website 2-4 times a week for 10 minutes at a time.

The website is entirely in Hebrew, so on the homepage, click the link directly under the two boxes.

More Hebrew reading practice:

Websites to increase Hebrew vocabulary:

Apps :

Flash Cards Hebrew Lesson

This App helps new language learner (kids to adult) to learn Hebrew words in easiest way. Builds vocabulary and pronunciation of basic words in categories like Animals, Birds, Body Parts, Vegetables, Fruits, Colors, Shapes, Numbers, Calendar and Alphabet with word game.

Gus on the Go: Hebrew for Kids

Featuring adorable animations and fun exercises, your child can learn basic vocabulary concepts with interactive visual and auditory lessons on numbers, colors, shapes and more. Each lesson review unlocks an exciting vocabulary game that reinforces what your child has learned.

The Aleph Bet   

This app contains three different games to practice the letters and features over thirty Hebrew words & three games:

Matching: Drag the letters to spell the illustrated word

Trace & Say: Practice writing and repeating each letter

Letter Find: Touch the letter before the train leaves the screen.





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