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Physical Development

Physical development, including fine and gross motor activities, is incorporated into the curriculum daily. Each age group has access to developmentally appropriate areas, both indoors and outdoors, that foster the children’s fundamental motor and movement skills.

In our Preschool and Pre-k classrooms, students practice coordination, movement, and balance through activities such as stacking, climbing, and participating in sensory-motor exercises. They develop fine motor skills by using their hands and fingers to interact with the environment, exploring art and writing utensils, and engaging in activities like lacing, beading, cutting with scissors, and completing puzzles. Gross motor skills are enhanced both indoors and outdoors with developmentally appropriate structures, tricycles, and toys.

Preschool students participate in Movement with a specialist once a week. During Movement, they focus on physical games with rules and structure.

Pre-k students participate in P.E. three times a week with our P.E. coach.

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