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Social-Emotional Development

In all classes, Shalom School's curriculum fosters social and emotional development by teaching the students developmentally appropriate skills to regulate their emotions and behavior and engage in positive interactions with their peers. As students encounter conflicts or emotionally challenging situations, teachers help them to identify the emotion and learn an appropriate response or coping method for that situation.

Teachers throughout our program focus on recognizing and naming feelings, noticing the feelings of others, and developing skills to regulate emotions and behavior. They provide comfort, offer alternative behaviors, and encourage constructive conflict management. These skills are built upon with fostering empathy and understanding of others' perspectives and emotions. Across all classrooms, teachers help students develop a sense of competence and a positive attitude toward learning by allowing them to choose activities, involving them in the learning process, and modeling persistence and curiosity.

Through their educational journey at Shalom School, Preschool and Pre-k students have varied opportunities to enter into play with others, develop friendships, and effectively participate in the classroom community while developing prosocial behaviors.

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