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Second Language Learning

Starting second language learning at a young age offers numerous benefits for students. It enhances cognitive development and boosts problem-solving skills, creativity, and multitasking abilities. Early language learning also fosters cultural awareness and sensitivity, promoting a deeper understanding and acceptance of other cultures. Additionally, it improves academic performance, as the skills acquired through language learning can transfer to other subjects. Embracing a second language early sets the foundation for successful lifelong learning and global citizenship.


Shalom School’s curriculum links the Hebrew language with Judaic Studies to strengthen students’ feeling of connection between the cultural and linguistic aspects of the Hebrew language. Through stories, grammar and vocabulary instruction, and holiday celebrations, students learn about Judaism, Israel, and Jewish values while developing the ability to communicate in another language.

Kindergarten students learn the letters and sounds in the Hebrew alphabet as well as how to write the letters and are exposed to the language through songs and stories that center around Torah, Shabbat, Jewish holidays, Jewish values, and Israel. 

For our 1st through 6th grade students, we use the iTaLAM program, which is specifically designed to help children in elementary school become comfortable reading, understanding, speaking, and writing print and cursive Hebrew. The curriculum provides an engaging, interactive, and multi-sensory learning experience which includes online games and stories, printed materials, songs, books, and fun activities. These offer differing levels of exploration and study dependent upon student needs and cover content areas related to daily life (e.g. at home, in the classroom, weather, hobbies); holidays, and Shabbat.  Hebrew and Judaic literacy develops in a gradual and spiraled process, building new ideas and concepts on an expanding foundation of knowledge.


The goals of the Spanish program at Shalom School are to develop basic communication skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in Spanish. The program aims to foster an early appreciation and understanding of Spanish-speaking cultures, enhancing students' global awareness and empathy. It seeks to build a strong foundation in vocabulary and grammar, enabling students to construct simple sentences and engage in basic conversations. 


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