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Health and Safety

Students develop an understanding of and have opportunities to practice sound health, nutrition, and safety practices. Each classroom develops rules and practices that are incorporated into discussion times, games, activities, and interactions with teachers and peers. Routines related to snack, hand washing, and preventing the spread of germs help foster a basic knowledge of general nutrition and hygiene. In addition, movement with our PE Coach and outside playtime promote physical activity and healthy bodies.

Teachers work on developing independence by providing opportunities for students to feed themselves during snack and lunch and soothe themselves during nap time. Themes include healthy food choices, safety practices inside and outside of the classroom, and community helpers.

The curriculum also includes themes relating to healthy bodies, nutrition, exercise, and movement. Students have opportunities to discuss, ask questions, and learn more about health and safety practices. Monthly fire drills and periodic lockdown drills provide students with opportunities to practice responding during emergency situations, fostering a sense of confidence and security. 

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