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Language Arts

The primary goals of our K-6 language arts curriculum are to foster a love for reading and writing, develop strong literacy skills, and empower students to think critically, communicate effectively, and engage with their communities. The curriculum aims to create thoughtful and engaged learners who are not only proficient in language arts but also capable of applying their skills in various contexts.


Our reading curriculum is grounded in the science of reading taking a structured literacy approach, and includes explicit instruction in phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension. Students master literacy standards and tackle grade-level texts that stretch and grow their abilities, while experiencing the joy of learning from their favorite books by diverse authors. 


Shalom School utilizes a writing workshop model that encourages students to explore various writing genres, learn standard English grammar, receive feedback, revise their work, and produce high-quality writing pieces. Students engage in original research and deep interdisciplinary investigations, developing habits of inquiry, analysis, critical thinking, and craftsmanship.


Our spelling program is a differentiated, leveled approach to teaching spelling, phonics, and vocabulary through daily word study. Students will think critically about words, learn to recognize spelling patterns, and apply their learning to their everyday reading and writing. 


Handwriting is still a key foundational skill for literacy development. We use a systematic and structured instructional approach designed to teach students how to write legibly and fluently by focusing on letter formation, spacing, and overall handwriting skills in both print and cursive, often incorporating a multi-sensory approach.

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