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Multiage Approach to Learning

With a commitment to truly differentiated education and strengthening the social, emotional, and educational development of each child, Shalom School’s elementary school operates four sections in its elementary school:
            1st/2nd classroom
            3rd/4th classroom
            5th/6th classroom
Our own experience executing multiage education, the research regarding the benefits of multiage education, and other examples of elementary schools throughout the country utilizing multiage education, demonstrate that this model of learning has the following benefits:

  • The ability to keenly focus on academic excellence, creating rich learning experiences more organically with greater opportunity for differentiation, flexible grouping, and targeted instruction
  • A more diverse social climate that fosters students’ personal and social development through classroom peer groups changing year-to-year and increased opportunities to develop intellectual and social peers
  • Deepened and more effective student/teacher relationships created through “looping” over two school years 

Shalom School’s mission is to provide an outstanding education in a nurturing environment that is academically excellent, inclusive, innovative, and inspired by Jewish values and traditions. Our multiage model in our elementary school reflects a commitment to innovation, academic excellence, and taking the nuanced approach that is essential to responding to the needs of our greater community. 

Sat, June 22 2024 16 Sivan 5784